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Could new program help more heroin addicts?

No one wants to be a drug addict. It is an emotionally, financially and physically draining experience. Unfortunately, no one has to tell you how bad the problem is here in Western Pennsylvania, especially with heroin and Fentanyl.

While the economy improves in many other parts of the country, our region continues to suffer from the loss of manufacturing jobs. Many people have fallen prey to drug addiction out of a sense of hopelessness and despair. Unfortunately, our laws do not do much to help these people. The fear of jail keeps many people from getting the help they need. Should these people have to spend time in jail and destroy their records when they could instead be receiving treatment? 

Why you need to see a doctor after your accident

A car accident is one of the most stressful things you are likely to go through. Even if you have health insurance, a high deductible or coverage limits could make getting the treatment you need expensive.

However, it is crucial that you see a doctor as soon as possible or at least receive on-site treatment after your accident. If you want to pursue compensation for your medical bills, property losses and any pain and suffering, medical evidence is one of the most important parts of your case.

Can I see my own doctor for my workers' comp. benefits?

It is difficult for many people to go to a new doctor. We build lasting, trusting relationships with our doctors, and we trust that they have our best interests at heart. This is the same for anyone, whether a child, parent or someone dealing with a workplace injury or illness.

If you receive workers' compensation benefits here in Pennsylvania, you can see your own doctor, but there are certain requirements that you must abide by first.

Don't ruin the holidays with a DUI

The Holiday season brings so much joy to people in Erie and across Pennsylvania and the country. Unfortunately, far too many Christmas and New Year's celebrations are ruined because of drunk driving arrests and accidents.

The Pennsylvania State Police announced this month that they will join with 10,000 law enforcement agencies across the country in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" program that seeks to curb drunk driving during the holidays.

Attorney Steven E. 'Tim' Riley Jr. Receives Varsity Letterman of Distinction Award from the University of Pittsburgh

Pitt_VLC_172_20151009_PM6_5418-revised.jpgSteven E. "Tim" Riley (center) accepts the University of Pittsburgh's prestigious Varsity Letterman of Distinction Award from the Pitt Varsity Letter Club (VLC). Presenting the award are Sam Clancy (left), Varsity Letter Club coordinator and storied Pitt athlete, and Pitt Athletic Director Scott Barnes.

Attorneys Conner, Riley, Friedman and Weichler Named to the 2015 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers List

All four partners of the Conner Riley Friedman & Weichler law firm in Erie have been named to the 2015 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers list that recognizes attorneys who have distinguished themselves in their legal practices.

If an infant dies, can PA parents bring a wrongful death suit?

The loss of a Pennsylvania loved one is always traumatic, but the sudden and unexpected death of a young person can be particularly shocking. Losing a baby may prove especially devastating since the precious time spent with the child was cut tragically short. In cases where an

infant death

was caused by negligence in a medical facility, a Pennsylvania family may wish to know more about wrongful death action.

An infant's death can be caused by a birth injury, negligent monitoring of a premature baby, incorrect medication administered to an infant or many other factors. What most of these scenarios have in common is that the negligence of another caused the death. In such situations, families are often entitled to compensation for damages. However, with a deceased person so young, many families understandably have questions about how the damages are calculated in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Catastrophic injury attorneys an important resource for bikers

With spring on the way, many motorcyclists in the Erie area are bound to be looking forward to warmer weather. Riding a motorcycle is a great way to get around, as well as a fun form of recreation. But, like many forms of recreation, it carries its risks as well as its rewards. When a

motorcycle accident

occurs, there is, unfortunately, a great propensity for catastrophic injuries. Without the right legal approach, an accident victim could be left with not only tremendous physical trauma but also serious financial problems.

After a motorcycle accident, it's vitally important to determine who was at fault in an accident. If a negligent driver is found to be the cause of a wreck, that driver may be charged criminally by the police. However, a motorcycle accident victim can also attempt to hold a negligent party liable in civil court with the help of an

Erie, PA catastrophic injury attorney


Truck hits PA pothole on I-80, veers into man in median

In last week's post, the dangers of Pennsylvania seasonal rain and fog were discussed. Another cause of dangerous truck accidents, though, can be the related potholes that tend to crop up every spring in the Erie area. When potholes are located on highways and interstates, the dangers they pose can be severe. Still, drivers must remain attentive and avoid potholes, so long as that avoidance does not entail swerving into another vehicle. Escaping damaging obstacles in the road may not always be easy, but it is every driver's responsibility.

Recently, on Interstate 80, a

commercial vehicle collision

occurred that may have been caused by an inattentive truck driver striking a pothole. South of Erie in Mercer County, a tractor-trailer was cruising east on I-80 when it veered towards the right side of the road, going over the rumble strips that many local drivers are likely familiar with. The 25-year-old truck driver then veered towards the left, striking multiple potholes in the process. The truck then crossed into the left lane of traffic, collided with a guardrail and also swiped a bridge rail.

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