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A young professional couple, expecting their first child, received their prenatal and birth care from an Erie obstetrician. Multiple medical errors and acts of medical negligence result in the death of the full term baby. Attorney William Weichler filed a medical malpractice case on behalf of the couple. Following a jury trial, the defendants are ordered to pay nearly $4.1 million in damages to the estate of the deceased baby and her parents.

Brachial plexus Injury case - A young expectant mother goes into labor and baby has shoulder dystopia (a condition wherein the baby's shoulders become impacted on the mother's public bone resulting in the inability of the baby to be physically delivered.) A delayed reaction to the shoulder dystopia, excessive traction placed on the baby's head, and a delayed cesarean section results in physical injury to the brachial plexus nerves at the base of the baby's neck. This resulted in a permanent impairment of the baby's left arm and side. Before trial, Attorney William Weichler was able to obtain a favorable settlement for the baby.

Attorney Andrew Conner represented a baby who sustained a severe and permanent birth injury at local hospital when hospital employees and attending OB-GYN specialist did not timely recognize and treat a prolapsed umbilical cord condition. The lack of oxygen resulted in a hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy that caused permanent brain damage. This case was resolved immediately prior to trial with a high six-figure settlement.

When hospital employees' and attending OB-GYN specialists failed to timely recognize, diagnose and treat the mother of a baby boy as having gestational diabetes, the baby boy sustained a permanent birth injury. Due to the delivery of a macrosomic child, the oxygen supply to the baby was limited. Had the gestational diabetes been treated, the injury could have been avoided. Attorney Andrew Conner resolved this case immediately prior to trial with a seven-figure settlement.

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