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Attorney William Weichler represented an Erie County man who was wrongfully accused of inappropriately touching the teenage daughter of a neighbor. Jury trial resulted in verdict of not guilty.

An Edinboro College student is wrongfully accused of aggravated assault during a college party. There was a fight involving multiple young men. One person sustained a broken leg. The accused, a student and football player was accused of causing the broken leg by stepping on it intentionally. The description of how the injury was sustained was physically inconsistent with the nature of the fracture. Attorney William Weichler used expert testimony to prove that the accusation was false. The accusation had racial overtones as the accused was the only African-American present at the time. A jury trial found him not guilty.

Attorney William Weichler represented the owner of a business and dry cleaner property who had been the victim of multiple break-ins. An employee observed a group of youths attempting to enter the premises using keys which had been lost from the owners business previously. The owner locked the doors and called police to respond. A delayed response by the police allowed sufficient time for the youths to become physically aggressive. While no one was injured, the owner was charged with attempted murder. (The owner's two teenage sons were also charged as juveniles in the incident.) An Erie County jury concluded that the owner's actions were reasonable and in self defense. He was found not guilty. Both of his sons were similarly acquitted in juvenile court.

A young man charged with possession with the intent to deliver LSD. Attorney William Wiechler proved that the LSD was for personal use only. The young man was found not guilty of attempting to smuggle drugs LSD.

A 24 year old McKean County mother of two small children, was accused by the ex girlfriend of her fiancée', of sexually molesting her fiancé's 6 year old son. Attorney William Weichler was able to prove to the jury that the accusation originated with the mother's animosity and resentment toward the accused. The jury returned verdicts of not guilty. Mandatory minimum penalties for the offenses charged were avoided.

Attorney William Weichler defended a young Erie man accused of inappropriately touching the daughter of a former girlfriend. He was found not guilty by the jury. The motivation for the accusation clearly seemed to originate with the former girlfriend's anger and animosity toward him.

An Erie County man was charged with aggravated assault resulting from a broken back, sustained by his live-in girlfriend, during a domestic dispute. The physical description of how the injury was sustained by the complainant was orthopedically inconsistent with the nature of her injury. Attorney William Weichler used expert testimony of an orthopedic surgeon to prove that her description of how the injury was sustained was not possible. The charge of aggravated assault resulted in a verdict of not guilty.

A day long canoing trip on the Clarion River in Elk County ended with sexual intercourse between the accused and the complainant. The complainant's testimony at the preliminary hearing denied possession and use of marijuana during the course of the day. All parties admitted drinking heavily during the entire day. When the complainant's testimony denying possessing and using marijuana was contradicted by that of other Commonwealth witnesses, a plea agreement was reached resulting in the defendant only receiving a short period of probation.

secured a favorable outcome considering that the defendant was originally charged with a first degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Western District of PA - Erie Division 1990 - Attorney William Weichler defended a Philadelphia woman charged with attempting to smuggle drugs into the federal prison in McKean County. The prosecution was based upon the relationship of the accused with the addressed recipient of the package. Expert testimony regarding the handwriting on the label of the package resulted in the jury concluding that the accused was wrongfully accused. She was found not guilty.

A young man charged with attempted murder arising from a shooting which took place in the City of Erie. The prosecution relied on the testimony of acquaintances of the accused. Attorney William Weichler used inconsistencies in their statements and the discrediting of the accusations by a former girlfriend to secure a not guilty verdict. The accused was acquitted of all charges.

Attorney William Weichler represented a Waterford man accused of inappropriate touching of his natural daughter. The accusation was based on statements made by his 4 year old daughter. Expert opinion regarding the inadequacies of the physical examination of the little girl as well as the medical explanation for physical findings that were made resulted in the prosecution being dismissed by the District Attorney's Office.

After the death of a motorcyclist in 2008, the superintendent of a local industrial plant was charged with homicide by vehicle while under the influence. Following a jury trial, the accused was found not guilty of homicide by vehicle while under the influence despite having a reported blood alcohol content of .248%. Although convicted of minor lesser charges, Attorney William Weichler considered the case a success because the acquittal on the homicide by vehicle while under the influence of alcohol charge avoided the application of a mandatory minimum penalty of three years in prison.

A retired physician accused of homicide based on the shooting death of a next door neighbor which took place on the physician's property in a resort cottage area along the Allegheny River between Warren and Tidioute, PA. Attorney William Weichler was co-counsel in the physician's defense. A jury trial in Warren County resulted in a verdict of not guilty.

An orthopedic surgeon charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault of his wife fled the jurisdiction before the trial. Voluntarily returning to the jurisdiction to answer the charges, the trial took place in Smethport, the county seat of McKean County in 1988. As co-counsel, Attorney William Weichler, represented the accused. He was acquitted of all charges except the minor misdemeanor charge of defiant trespass. Having been held without bail pretrial, he was released upon the reading of the verdict. (His licenses to practice medicine both in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New York were successfully protected the latter resulting from a favorable defense before the New York State Board of Regents.) The accused went on to continue his successful practice of orthopedic surgery.

The defendant, a board certified obstetrician/gynecologist, an a Korean immigrant, accused by multiple patients with inappropriate touching. Attorney William Weichler served as co-counsel for the defendant. Credibility of the accusers was successfully attacked. Trials of the accusations had been severed. Consequently, in three successive jury trials, the accused was acquitted. Following the third acquittal, all remaining charges against the accused were dismissed by the prosecution.

Erie Division 2000 Attorney William Weichler represented as co-counsel, a member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters union Local in northwestern PA, who was charged with placing a tank if chlorine gas near the home of a union representative and running a hose into the residence. He was found not guilty following a jury trial in federal court in Erie, PA.

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