Significant Appellate Cases

Pennsylvania Appellate Attorneys

3rd Circuit case 1989 - A decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit reversed the conviction of the defendant and multiple co-defendants in a major drug conspiracy. Attorney William Weichler represented the alleged "king pin" of the conspiracy, the trial convictions were reversed on grounds of prosecutorial vouching for the credibility of government witnesses.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court case 2003 - The Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules in favor of the defendant, represented by Attorney William Weichler, that the Commonwealth may not appeal a trial court decision which rules pretrial that defenses evidence is admissible. The rule which permits the prosecution to take a pretrial appeal is approximately limited to pretrial rulings which exclude prosecution evidence. Pretrial rulings which admit defense evidence may not be appealed by the prosecution.

11th Circuit case 2000 - Decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit which affirmed a favorable verdict at trial. The case originated from a motor vehicle accident between a physician, Richard Broadwell, and a tractor trailer owned by Dandy Service Corp. The accident happened in Glenville, GA, which is within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Southern District of Georgia. Attorney William Weichler represented Dandy at trial. The jury, in a bifurcated trial, ruled that the plaintiff was more at fault for the accident than the truck driver. Therefore, the plaintiff was prevented from recovering. The plaintiff appealed to the United States court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit located in Atlanta, GA. The verdict was affirmed.

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