Spinal Cord Injuries And Paralysis Cases

Pennsylvania Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

A 35 year old ironworker suffered severe, permanent paralyzing spinal cord injuries on a large construction project as a consequence of an employee of an independent subcontractor negligently covering a hole in and elevated scaffold where our client was required to work and install iron. Attorney Andrew Conner successfully resolved the case during trial with a six-figure settlement.

Attorney Andrew Conner represented an 11 year old who incurred serious and permanent quadriplegic spinal cord injuries after diving into a 4-foot, above-ground pool from a homemade platform constructed adjacent to the pool which was a replica of the pool manufacturer's platform offered as optional equipment and marketed as a "diving platform" for this 4-foot, above-ground pool. This products liability case was tried to a jury verdict awarding the client with a seven-figure verdict.

This was a case in which the client, age 47, following thyroid surgery for early thyroid cancer was improperly and negligently treated with excessive radiation by a radiology and oncology service causing the client to receive radiation in excess of the safe upper limits causing permanent severe and paralyzing cervical spinal cord injuries. Attorney Andrew Conner tried this medical malpractice case to a jury verdict awarding the client a six-figure settlement.

An 8 year old incurred serious and permanent quadriplegic spinal cord injuries while diving in a supervised, competitive swimming and diving class conducted by a municipality for pay in a municipal pool where, as part of pool renovation project, starting blocks were moved by contractors with the municipality's approval from the pool's deep end (8 ½ feet) to the pool's shallow end (3 ½ feet). Attorney Andrew Conner successfully resolved this case prior to trial with a seven-figure settlement.

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