Swimming Pool Accidents Cases

Pennsylvania Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers

Attorney Andrew Conner represented an 11 year old who incurred serious and permanent quadriplegic spinal cord injuries after diving into a 4-foot, above-ground pool from a homemade platform constructed adjacent to the pool which was a replica of the pool manufacturer's platform offered as optional equipment and marketed as a "diving platform" for this 4-foot, above-ground pool. This case was tried to a jury verdict awarding the client with a seven-figure verdict.

An 8 year old incurred serious and permanent quadriplegic spinal cord injuries while diving in a supervised, competitive swimming and diving class conducted by a municipality for pay in a municipal pool where, as part of pool renovation project, starting blocks were moved by contractors with the municipality's approval from the pool's deep end (8 ½ feet) to the pool's shallow end (3 ½ feet). Attorney Andrew Conner successfully resolved this swimming pool accident case prior to trial with a seven-figure settlement.

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