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Workers' compensation could help victims of explosion

Proper workplace safety is essential to the well-being of each and every employee in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, some men and women are continually subjected to unsafe working conditions that put their lives at risk. Although workers' compensation is available for injured workers, this compensation may seem trivial to those who have lost loved ones in accidents.

A recent explosion cost one Pennsylvania worker his life and sent another to the hospital. One of the victims -- a 69-year-old man -- had driven the front cab of a tractor-trailer around the back of a building shortly before the accident. After hooking the cab to a trailer, he exited the vehicle.

Car accidents: 1 dead, several injured in Pennsylvania

A three-car crash has left a man dead and sent several other people, including three children, to local hospitals. Pennsylvania authorities in Pittsburgh confirmed that three cars were involved in the crash. As with most car accidents, this incident is still under investigation. So far, no charges have been filed in connection with the case.

According to the accident report, an SUV driven by an unknown person was traveling on the 10th Street Bypass when the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle, sending it into a concrete barrier. The SUV rolled over and struck a second vehicle, driven by a 61-year-old man. A third driver was unable to stop in time, and struck the other two cars.

Know the legal options when a distracted driver kills a loved one

We all see it every day. More and more people are using their phones while also driving a car. The exact rate of texting while driving is unknown, but chances are strong that government statistics woefully underestimate the prevalence of this behavior. People manage to drive distracted without crashing, which only reinforces their belief that they can safely drive while staring at their phone instead of the road.

Unfortunately, it is often other people who end up paying the price for that negligence and arrogance. A distracted driver may miss critical cues on the road, which can result in a fatal crash. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists as well as people in other vehicles could end up severely hurt or killed as the result of someone texting at the wheel. If your family has lost a loved one to a driver who texted at the wheel, you may have options for seeking justice.

Workers' compensation: Van explosion kills 1, injures 1

Pennsylvania workers in various industries are exposed to flammable substances and materials. Workplace accidents that involve fires and explosions are the subject of many workers' compensation claims that are filed every year. Two more will likely follow soon after the death of one worker and injuries suffered by another in an explosion.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, the blast occurred on a recent Wednesday in the parking lot of a trucking company. Their report indicates that a tractor-trailer driver arrived in the parking lot and parked his vehicle. Another employee of the company pulled up in a van to pick up the trucker and take him to another area.

One Penn. county seeing sharp increase in fatal car accidents

There are millions of drivers that travel Pennsylvania roads and highways each day. Certainly, everyone driving or riding in a vehicle hopes to arrive at their destinations safely. Officials were pleased to report recently that the number of fatal car accidents was at an historic low for the state. However, one county is not observing the same trend.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reports that Beaver County actually had three times the number of fatalities in car crashes in 2017 than those that occurred in 2016. This statistic is troubling to experts because the county had experienced a decline in the number of fatal accidents in the previous five years. Traffic engineers have been attempting to determine the circumstances of the accidents and what caused them to happen.

No word on criminal defense strategy following drug arrests

Pennsylvania police recently arrested a couple and seized numerous items from two different vehicles. The arrests came after police claim they spotted a man attempting to hide on the floorboard of a vehicle located in a gas station parking lot. The man and the female driver of that vehicle were arrested and charged with various crimes. There is no word as of yet on whether they have secured the services of a criminal defense attorney. 

Police say that, when they approached the vehicle, the man did not properly identify himself and then began running from the scene. Police caught up with him, and he was taken into custody. They determined his identity from a Pennsylvania ID card. 

Driver facing homicide by vehicle and drunk driving charges

Race-car drivers are typically noted for maintaining impeccable control of their vehicles, even when they travel at high rates of speed. However, speeds that are acceptable on a race track are not advised on Pennsylvania streets, roads and highways. When alcohol is combined with speeding, accidents are more prone to occur. A Manheim Township race-car driver faces charges of homicide by vehicle and drunk driving, among others, following a crash that claimed the life of his girlfriend late in Oct. 2017.

According to police reports, a 50-year-old was driving his pickup truck one evening when it drifted off the side of the road. The man evidently lost control of the vehicle after he over-corrected. The truck struck a tree, then landed on its roof in the middle of the road after rolling from the impact. It was estimated that the driver was traveling at 76 miles per hour at the time of the crash. Neither the driver or his passenger was wearing a seatbelt, per reports.

Will you be working in the rain this spring?

Do you live in or around the Erie area? If so, you know that the spring season can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year. You also know that plenty of rain is sure to enter the region over the course of several months.

If you work outdoors, it's imperative that you understand the steps you can take to protect yourself when the rain begins to fall. It only takes one mistake in wet conditions to cause an accident that results in a serious injury.

Car accidents: Woman dead after car strikes her home

Most Pennsylvania residents are sleeping soundly in their beds around midnight on most evenings. They feel safe and secure in the confines of their own homes as they retire for the night. Unfortunately, car accidents can occur at any time of the day. One unusual crash recently claimed the life of a Montgomery County woman as she slept in her bed.

Officials from the Franconia Township Police Department report that a 21-year-old was driving a car when it ran off the road. Apparently, the vehicle hit a mail box, then drove through three lawns in a neighborhood. At that point, the car crashed into the home of an 86-year-old woman who was sleeping in her bedroom. The impact, which reportedly caused a loud noise, killed the woman.

Employee forced to retire after workers' compensation settlement

Many Pennsylvania residents and others around the country look forward to the time they can retire from their jobs. They hope their retirement years will be full of enjoyable activities, hobbies, spending time with family or even pursuing other careers. However, some employees may not view retiring in a positive light. A fire captain in another state recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that he was forced to retire after he received a workers' compensation settlement.

The former captain had worked for his city for around 26 years before he had to retire. Though he did not want to retire, he states that officials from the fire department used workers' compensation payout for work-related injuries as the reason. A former fire chief allegedly told the captain that he would be terminated because he was a liability, according to the legal department. He was also told that, if he returned to work after his injuries, he would be suspended without pay. The captain, who was encouraged not to fight the decision, believed he had no option other than to retire.

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