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December 2013 Archives

Truck accidents on Pennsylvania roads dangerous, injurious

When most readers hear of a dangerous accident involving a commercial vehicle or tractor-trailer, they immediately think of how dangerous an auto accident can be if smaller vehicles are involved. What is not as common, but is also equally dangerous, are

truck accidents

Driver fails to call police after crash in Chautauqua County

Drivers who find themselves involved in an injurious auto accident should be aware of the proper steps to take after the collision, both at the scene and in the subsequent days and weeks. Sometimes a driver whose negligence caused a crash will try to shirk responsibility and attempt to convince the other driver to simply call a tow truck rather than police.

Will distracted driving laws adapt to changing technology?

Pennsylvania law addresses distracted driving. Specifically, drivers who are caught texting behind the wheel can face penalties. Although using smartphones behind the wheel certainly creates a risk for car accidents and will continue to be a concern, some are wondering whether the law needs to keep pace with changes in mobile technology.

Jury: Pittsburgh Elks Lodge partly responsible for fatal crash

In Pennsylvania, if a bar or restaurant over-serves alcohol to a customer and that customer ends up causing an injurious car accident, then victims or their families can seek to hold the bar or restaurant accountable. The same sort of situation can arise with regard to social clubs that accept a fee for food and alcoholic beverages.

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