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August 2014 Archives

How long do you have to file a medical malpractice suit?

When someone is injured by a doctor's negligence in Pennsylvania, he or she may eventually reach the point of considering a malpractice suit. Malpractice is a term used to describe misconduct in several different professions, from medicine to law to dentistry. When malpractice occurs in a hospital or other medical setting, the stakes are often even higher than they are in other professions. As a result, a victim of a medical professional's negligence may consider seeking damages for the injuries they've suffered.

Truck crashes much more likely to involve other vehicles

Pennsylvania residents have been hearing a lot about trucking safety in recent months, especially after the accident that seriously injured comic Tracy Jordan earlier this year. Some of the discussion has centered on the state and federal regulations that govern trucking, and some of it has centered on pressures within the trucking industry to move more goods more quickly. One aspect of the discussion that may not get as much attention as it deserves is the number of people who are injured or killed in commercial truck accidents.

Motorcycle accidents often share common causes

Summer and fall are often prime times for viewing the scenic Pennsylvania countryside via motorcycle. These times of year, many bikers are out and about on highways, local roads and interstates. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are also not uncommon as summer transitions into fall. Pennsylvania's many two-lane highways and winding roads are fertile ground for driver error if one isn't paying close attention.

Woman dies after wrong blood transfusion at Pa. hospital

There are certain types of medical malpractice that, while fortunately rare, can cause calamitous and deadly damage when they do occur. Nowadays, it is thankfully uncommon that a hospital patient undergoing a procedure will receive the wrong type of care. Still, even with all of the modern technological advances that have occurred in medicine, there is room for human error or a doctor mistake.

Alleged drunk driver hits couple on motorcycle in Pa. crash

With the dog days of summer upon Pennsylvania, many individuals are taking time to enjoy the season while they still can. For many residents of Erie and surrounding areas, that means taking out the motorcycle for some fair-weather riding. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents tend to be just as much of a summer staple as motorcycles themselves, and this season has proved no exception.

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