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October 2014 Archives

Wrongful death: Beneficiaries may be family, representatives

When a Pennsylvanian is killed in a fatal accident, the effect can be shocking for close family members. An Erie resident's sudden death is not only tragic by its very nature, but the losses that are felt afterwards can be excruciating. An accidental death caused by another's negligence can be particularly difficult, since losses of this type are often preventable.

Helmet use decreases motorcycle accident death risk

Every motorcyclist, like every driver, faces the risk of injury when they are out on the road. While both drivers and bikers face risks, those who travel via motorcycle are particularly vulnerable since their vehicle has no external protection. Still, many motorcycle accidents are preventable and automobile drivers bear the responsibility for keeping Erie roads safe for motorcyclists.

Truck accident cases: powerful adversaries require solid counsel

Many legal issues in Pennsylvania have a "David and Goliath" quality to them; they often involve a victimized individual having to go up against a much more powerful adversary. While most Erie residents are unlikely to be involved in a class-action lawsuit or groundbreaking Supreme Court case, there is the chance that local residents may find themselves the victim of a truck accident. When this happens, they may understandably be overwhelmed by the legal complications as well as by the powerful status of trucking companies.

How can surgical errors be prevented?

Going in to surgery can be a highly nerve-wracking experience for any Pennsylvania resident. There are often preparations that must be made beforehand, as well as the intensity of the surgery itself, followed by a recovery period which may be taxing. One of the biggest fears any surgical patient is likely to have is being the victim of a surgical error or other form of

Season change can be dangerous for Erie drivers, pedestrians

Autumn in northwestern Pennsylvania is many residents' favorite time of year. Still, as summer transitions into fall, drivers should be reminded that with the change of season come different hazards on the road.

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