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May 2017 Archives

Pennsylvania car accidents: Arrest made in hit-and-run collision

Law enforcement authorities in Pennsylvania arrested the individual they believe is responsible for a school bus crash that left 14 people injured. This accident happened May 17, in Lancaster County. When hit-and-run car accidents occur, victims may be left feeling that they are without legal recourse. However, in this case, as the individual thought responsible was found, they may now pursue claims for monetary damages.

Pennsylvania criminal defense: Impaired by vanilla extract

A Pennsylvania woman was recently arrested and charged with DUI after ingesting a common baking ingredient. Her arrest came about after a resident in Adams Township complained to police that bottles of vanilla extract kept being thrown out near his property. This whole case is a bit unusual, to say the least, and it has put the accused in a situation that would likely best be helped through the services offered by a criminal defense attorney.

Protecting your college student from marijuana possession charges

Given the cultural shift about marijuana in the last decade, more people seem less concerned about the legal implications of getting charged with a marijuana crime. Although some states have legalized the plant for adult use, Pennsylvania is not one of them.

How does sleep apnea contribute to car accidents?

Numerous Americans, including many residing in Pennsylvania, stop or struggle to breath while they sleep. This is a medical condition known as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea, when left untreated, can make it difficult for a person to function during the day and cause a host of other health issues. Because of the effects that this condition can have on an individual, it also known to contribute to car accidents.

Criminal defense attorney working to dismiss homicide charges

A man was recently charged with the strangulation death of his Indiana University of Pennsylvania fraternity brother following an alleged physical altercation. The results of the autopsy seem to indicate a different story that could affect the outcome of the man's potential conviction. For this reason, his criminal defense attorney is working to have the charges dismissed after the results of the autopsy were revealed.

Should I file a workers' compensation claim or take other action?

Pennsylvania residents who have suffered work-related injuries have every right to question their options for seeking compensation. The vast majority of employers are required to provide workers' compensation coverage, and the benefits can cover quite a bit, but is it only way one can recover any damages sustained? It is the best option in many cases, but for a few filing intentional torts may be better.

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