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October 2017 Archives

Under investigation? Now is the time to start a criminal defense

Early action is almost always a good idea when you are under investigation for a criminal offense in Pennsylvania. This means taking the first step toward a comprehensive criminal defense plan should usually take place before charges are ever filed. You might be worried that creating a legal defense prior to charges might give the impression of guilt, but it is simply the smart response to a criminal investigation.

Can I get workers' compensation if harmed by poor air quality?

Pennsylvania employers are required to provide their employees with reasonably safe working conditions free from unnecessary hazards. This applies to more than just physical dangers, such as falling debris or improperly maintained equipment; it also covers the possible presence of toxic substances in the air. While workers' compensation benefits are available for workers injured by poor workplace air quality, action may also be taken under the Occupational Safety and Health Act to help implement change.

Establishing negligence in personal injury claim is important

Every day, people in Pennsylvania are injured because of the negligence of others. While this negligence might seem obvious to some, it must still be proven to successfully achieve compensation from a personal injury claim. This is not necessarily complicated, but does require careful attention to detail and related evidence.

Halloween weekend is often an enforcement focus for DUIs

There are certain days of the week and times of day when you are more likely to encounter drivers under the influence of alcohol. The weekend, specifically Friday and Saturday nights and early mornings, are often a time when people socialize and use alcohol. The hours after bars close can often see a marked increase in impaired drivers on the road.

Drunk driving consequences dependent on BAC

All DUI charges are serious and should be treated as such, but the severity of potential consequences can vary. Pennsylvania takes a tiered approach to drunk driving, with three different levels based on a person's blood-alcohol content at the time of their arrest. The three levels are general impairment, high BAC and highest BAC, with penalties varying greatly even for first-time offenders.

We can help show owner negligence in your personal injury claim

Injuries of any kind can have a profoundly negative impact on a person's life. For some, the emotional trauma of being wrongly harmed can be just as intense as the physical pain and suffering. When a personal injury is the result of a property owner's neglect, victims can pursue compensation that is just and right for their situation.

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