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February 2018 Archives

Man charged with drunk driving after hitting multiple vehicles

Most Pennsylvania residents park their cars at the end of the day and likely don't give them much thought until the next morning. By 10 p.m., many people are turning in for the night and won't be needing their vehicles for a while. However, several neighbors in South Philadelphia were recently startled to find that their parked cars were being damaged late one evening. As a result of the damage caused, a man who lives nearby has been charged with suspected drunk driving.

Criminal defense: 5 in custody following reports of 2 stolen cars

Being charged with theft in the state of Pennsylvania is a very serious offense. The consequences of a theft conviction depend largely on the value of the items that were stolen and whether the person accused had been convicted of theft in the past. It would be in someone's best interest to present the strongest criminal defense possible. Such is the case for five people who were recently arrested in Scranton and accused of stealing vehicles.

Pennsylvania's ignition interlock program for DUI offenders

There are a lot of potential consequences for those accused or convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in Pennsylvania. In addition to criminal penalties, such as fines and jail time, people facing DUI charges may also have to deal with the frustration of an ignition interlock system in their vehicles. This program is one of many intended to deter drunk driving.

Criminal defense: 4 arrested for alleged heroin trafficking

Law enforcement officials in Pennsylvania receive numerous tips about supposed drug activity throughout the state. These tips often lead to the seizure of illegal substances and the dismantling of various drug operations. Four people in Elk County will likely need to mount a strong criminal defense following their arrests for alleged heroin trafficking.

State looks at programs to reduce repeat drunk driving incidents

When a Pennsylvania resident is charged with driving under the influence, his or her life is immediately affected. A drunk driving conviction can result in loss of license, fines, interlocks on vehicles, probation or even time in jail. Most of the people who are arrested for their first DUI will never be charged with another incident again. However, statistics show that there are drivers that will be stopped again for driving under the influence. Officials from the state district attorney's association recommend adopting a new approach to reduce the number of drivers involved in repeat DUI incidents.

Car accidents: Teacher dead after multi-car accident

Monday mornings are typically a whirlwind of activity for many Pennsylvania residents. Many are on the road early as they head to work or school. Unfortunately, car accidents are not uncommon during this time of day due to the number of travelers and vehicles. A recent crash claimed the life of a teacher on her way to start her week of work at school.

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