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March 2018 Archives

Increasingly crowded roadways make car accidents inevitable

Roadways across the state of Pennsylvania are more crowded than ever before. Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is becoming more and more dangerous due to the sheer number of vehicles sharing the same space. These days, drivers face a myriad of unique distractions that can take focus off of the road. High traffic volumes combined with distracted or reckless drivers make car accidents almost inevitable. Many accidents are just minor fender-benders, but some accidents can be fatal.

Car accidents are increasing across Pennsylvania

Navigating congested roadways can be one of the most dangerous tasks in the daily lives of Pennsylvania citizens. Statistics say that car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. More vehicles than ever before are sharing already crowded roads across the state. Combine this with an increasing amount of modern-day distractions and accidents become almost inevitable. 

Workers' compensation: Most common injuries are preventable

Missing work due to workplace injuries is likely something every employee in Pennsylvania would rather avoid. According to safety authorities, most on-the-job accidents that lead to workers' compensation claims are preventable. Analysis of the workplace injuries -- fatal and non-fatal -- that occurred in 2015-2016 revealed the three most common causes of injuries, all of which could be avoided by compliance with federal safety regulations.

Don't let spring break fun destroy your academic future!

For those in college, it's common and even expected to go a little wild during spring break. Before you finish the academic year, complete with exams and final projects, you have a last chance to blow off a little steam and enjoy yourself. Spring break has become something of a major industry, with resorts, hotels and even whole towns advertising for a piece of the spring break traffic.

Multiple drunk driving charges in Newtown Township

Pennsylvania roads and highways are busy at all times of the day and night. Drivers need to be alert and focused to travel safely and avoid being involved in accidents. Having some drinks or taking drugs can affect someone's reaction times and reflexes and may lead to possible accidents. Recent crashes in Newtown Township have led to multiple drunk driving charges against the motorists involved.

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