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3 FAQs about slip-and-fall lawsuits

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | personal injury |

Slips and falls continue to rank high on the list of medical visits.

According to the World Health Organization, 37.3 million falls send people to a hospital or doctor every year. If that fall happened due to someone else’s neglect, you have rights.

1. What conditions violate a property owner’s duty of care?

In Pennsylvania, property owners must strive to maintain their property to a reasonable standard that mitigates a visitor or pedestrian from sustaining an injury. Considered a duty of care, this includes minimizing any slip or trip hazards, such as ice on walkways. Additionally, inadequate lighting or not taking safety measures during construction or maintenance fall into the neglect category.

2. What happens if I played a role in the incident?

As long as your involvement equates to being 50% at fault, you have the right to sue. Pennsylvania has a modified comparative negligence rule that determines your amount of fault. That percentage affects the potential outcome of the case. In general, that means you will not get that percentage of the awarded damages.

3. Can I file a claim at any time?

Injuries have a way of taking time to show up. Unfortunately, you never know if your injury will turn into a chronic issue. After any form of accident, document the incident, make a report and see a doctor. In Pennsylvania, you have two years to file a lawsuit. Having viable documentation becomes more important the longer you wait.

While many people feel that a lawsuit comes with too much hassle, covering your financial and emotional suffering may make it worth it.