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3 things you can do to avoid a DUI arrest

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2017 | blog, Firm News |

Most people who get arrested for drunk driving will only have it happen one time in their lives. Nevertheless, some Pennsylvania drivers find themselves getting in trouble with DUI charges again and again.

If you want to avoid a DUI arrest — no matter what your situation happens to be — here are a few strategies you’ll want to employ:

Buy your alcohol sober

If you start drinking at home and you run out of alcohol, it’s very tempting to get in your car, drive around the corner and buy another six-pack. Even worse, because you have been drinking, the temptation to drive is stronger than ever since you will have lost much of your inhibition.

To prevent this situation from happening, buy your alcohol while sober, and make sure you buy enough, so you’re not tempted to make a beer run later that night.

Download Uber or Lyft

If you’ve never used the Uber or Lyft apps, you don’t know what you’re missing. These apps are incredibly convenient. All you do is click a button and within a couple minutes a driver has arrived at your location. The fees are also a lot more affordable than a taxi.

If you get too drunk while you’re out, using Uber or Lyft is an affordable way to get home — probably for the price of a couple drinks. Best of all, you won’t be in danger of getting a DUI when someone else is driving you home.

Choose a designated driver and trade phone numbers

Even in a small group of friends, there’s probably at least one person who doesn’t mind refraining from drinking for the night. This person will be the designated driver charged with driving you and your friends home if you get too drunk to drive. Make sure to trade phone numbers with your designated driver so that you can find him or her at the end of the night when you’re ready to go home.

Charge up your phone

If your phone battery goes dead, you might not be able to call your designated driver. Also, you might not be able to use Uber. Be sure your phone is fully charged and carry a battery charger in your pocket just in case, so you’ll never be unable to contact someone if you become too drunk to drive.

Following the above tips will keep you out of trouble and prevent you from getting arrested for DUI. However, we’re all human and we all make mistakes. If you’re facing an intoxicated driving charge in Pennsylvania court, you may be able to fight the charges — or improve your legal situation to some measure — via a well-planned criminal defense.