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4 defenses to federal embezzlement charges

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2022 | criminal defense |

If you face federal embezzlement charges, chances are you feel scared and overwhelmed.

A lawyer with experience in such cases can help you navigate these muddy waters. Further, an attorney can assist you in developing a defense to the charges.

Insufficient evidence

Federal prosecutors must provide the court with sufficient evidence to convict the accused party of the alleged crime. In the event that the prosecution team lacks such evidence, your defense attorney can request to have the charges dropped due to insufficient proof.

Absence of intent

Like many crimes, embezzlement cases necessitate that the accused intentionally attempted to take the assets of others and then utilized them for personal gain. Without the existence of intent, you could have the case against you dismissed. For example, it is possible you believed you used your own assets but inadvertently employed someone else’s.


Incapacity means that the accused lacked the mental capacity at the time he or she committed a crime. This is an uncommon defense but could suffice if you were taking medication or suffering from mental struggles when the crime took place.


This is another rare defense strategy that entails a person committing a crime because he or she believes they face personal damage or danger if they do not commit the crime. For example, a superior could ask you to embezzle money, and you might fear the loss of your job unless you comply.

Embezzlement charges are serious and those arrested under them should treat them as such. When appropriate, the defenses above aid the accused in combating the cases against them.