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A criminal defense lawyer can help with prescription drug charges

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | criminal defense, Firm News |

Are you a medical professional who is facing a prescription drug charge? If you are, you are not alone. Numerous health care professionals in Pennsylvania who have access to prescription medications face accusations of diverting the drugs for their own personal use. Those who are facing criminal charges for such activity can turn to an experienced criminal defense attorney to help them fight their cases.

When a health care professional is facing criminal charges, if he or she is ultimately convicted of a crime, it can affect his or her professional license. Should someone lose his or her career due to a dependency on prescription medication? Does a jail sentence really help resolve the issue?

Like many other states, Pennsylvania offers pretrial diversion programs for those who qualify. If your case is moved to drug court, you can avoid prosecution and get the treatment you need to beat your drug dependency. This, too, can help you save your license, allowing you to keep the career for which you have worked so hard to achieve. To learn more about this alternative sentencing option and how an attorney can help you, please visit our firm’s website.

prescription drug charge is not something that will be taken lightly in a Pennsylvania criminal court. Yet, at the same time, the state does agree that certain offenders benefit from rehabilitation rather than punishment. A criminal defense attorney can help you fight for the best possible outcome by seeking alternative sentencing, if appropriate, or by presenting a strong defense if the case goes to trial with the goal of achieving a case dismissal or, at least, minimizing any potential consequences of a conviction.