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Alleged drunk driver hits couple on motorcycle in Pa. crash

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2014 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents |


With the dog days of summer upon Pennsylvania, many individuals are taking time to enjoy the season while they still can. For many residents of Erie and surrounding areas, that means taking out the motorcycle for some fair-weather riding. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents tend to be just as much of a summer staple as motorcycles themselves, and this season has proved no exception.

On July 19 in Bedminster, a 64-year-old man was driving when he struck a motorcycle with two riders aboard. The fatal motorcycle crash, which happened on Kellers Church Road, killed the 47-year-old male rider. The impact also caused the female on board the motorcycle to suffer severe injuries. Following the incident the vehicle driver was charged with homicide by vehicle while driving drunk.

The officer who responded to the

motorcycle accident

spotted signs of intoxication in the man’s appearance and behavior. The driver was also reportedly several times over the legal limit. Sadly, when an accident of this nature occurs it’s not unusual for one of the drivers to be under the influence. In this case, the allegedly drunk driver was arraigned and has since been placed in Bucks County Prison. Still, despite the workings of the criminal justice system, the family of the motorcycle accident victim is now facing an irreparable and shocking loss.

Drunk driving is often considered a very dangerous form of negligent behavior under the law. Those who have lost loved ones to drunk drivers can consider filing a wrongful death suit against someone whose negligence took a life. While the results of the suit won’t fill the void left by the loss, they can compensate a family for specific damages caused by a fatal accident. These can include funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of companionship and pain and suffering.

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