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Car accidents are increasing across Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Navigating congested roadways can be one of the most dangerous tasks in the daily lives of Pennsylvania citizens. Statistics say that car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. More vehicles than ever before are sharing already crowded roads across the state. Combine this with an increasing amount of modern-day distractions and accidents become almost inevitable.

Recently, a violent head-on crash in Waynesboro left two people dead. According to reports, the driver of an eastbound Acura crossed the center lane and drove into oncoming traffic. The Acura then struck a Chevrolet van head-on and left both vehicles badly damaged, reports say.

Police say the driver of the Acura was pronounced dead on the scene. The driver of the van, a woman, along with three children suffered injuries and were flown to a local hospital for treatment, according to authorities. Tragically, the driver of the van later died at the hospital. Authorities say the children suffered moderate to severe injuries.

Although it isn’t yet clear why the driver of the Acura crossed over into oncoming traffic, it is possible that the driver may have been distracted. In Pennsylvania, there are very stringent laws in place against things like distracted or reckless driving. Despite these laws, car accidents are on the rise across the state. Those that suffer injuries or the loss of a loved one in a car accident may be entitled to take legal action. Victims and families could get financial relief from any monetary damages awarded from a successful lawsuit.

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