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Drunk driving conviction can be costly

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2017 | drunk driving, Firm News |

Pennsylvania law enforcement officers are charged with protecting the public. One way in which they do this is by enforcing traffic laws. Another method they use is constantly being on the lookout for those they suspect of drunk driving.

Each time that an officer makes a traffic stop, he or she assess the situation to determine if there are any other factors that need to be considered. Typically, an officer begins by questioning the driver. Based upon the circumstances and probable cause, a decision may be made to search the vehicle and/or conduct field sobriety tests. The officer then takes all of this information in making a determination of whether the individual should be charged with more than just a traffic violation.

Recently, one Pennsylvania driver was sentenced to time in jail after he pleaded guilty to drunk driving. Records indicate that this past April he was stopped for speeding. Officers reported that he was traveling in excess of 100 mph and appeared inebriated. The 19-year-old man was again accused of drunk driving this past July. Upon pleading guilty with respect to both incidents, he was sentenced to three to six months in jail, directed to perform community service and ordered to pay $3,800 in court expenses and fines.

Charges of drunk driving are a matter that the Pennsylvania courts take seriously. A drunk driving conviction is costly to the individual. When one is facing such charges, he or she will want to work with an experienced attorney. After analyzing the evidence and the situation, the defense team can make recommendations regarding the best way to proceed.

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