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Fiery wreck involves Pennsylvania coal truck

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2014 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |


East of Erie, the Pittsburgh area was once known for coal energy that powered the country. Recently, though, a coal truck crash reminded residents that there are dangers that come with any industry. Last month in Indiana County, a multi-vehicle accident involving a coal truck led to serious injuries as well as one death.

The accident happened in Pine Township on Route 422. According to a trooper with the Pennsylvania State Police, it is not entirely clear how a truck loaded with coal made contact with a passenger vehicle. The truck and a smaller passenger car were travelling east while, and a Suburban was traveling west when they became ensnared in the fatal crash. The smallest car was completely wrecked, and sadly one individual in that car, which held three other people at the time, was killed.

The SUV was also struck when the truck veered off the road. One witness to the fiery scene described the coal truck as on fire as it rolled burning down the road. Police confirmed that the fatality was the 67-year-old driver of the passenger vehicle. There was no immediate report as to the conditions of the others injured in the grisly wreck.

When Pennsylvania drivers are hurt or killed in

truck accidents

, determining the cause of the crash is one of the most important tasks on anybody’s list. This may require an independent investigation as well as a review of the official police report regarding the incident. At times, an accident reconstruction may be required, as well as the gathering of witness statements and the victims’ own recollections of an accident. Once these elements are put together, an accident attorney can help victims and their families understand the process of legal action if negligence caused the crash. If a successful lawsuit is filed, a victim or his or her family may then recover much needed compensation.

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