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Massive car accident on I-90 in Erie County

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News |


This time of year, drivers in Erie County are all too aware of nature’s fury. Even one’s daily commute can prove life-threatening if bad weather or distracted drivers are a presence on the roads. In some cases, particularly on highways and interstates, a pileup may occur when enough cars run into each other. This happened recently on I-90, when snow and an icy slickness covered the roadway.

The incident happened on Valentine’s Day, near mile marker 41 close to I-86. Over 100 vehicles were involved in the accident, which ultimately shut down I-90 for several hours. Multiple people were injured. Fortunately, no one was killed nor suffered life-threatening injury. During the winter season, and throughout the year as fog and rain cover Pennsylvania’s roads, these types of

car accidents

can strike unexpectedly. When they do, drivers and passengers are often confused regarding their options after a crash.

In some cases, those injured in a pileup may assume the accident was nobody’s fault and simply caused by bad weather. Still, rough weather conditions are frequent in Erie and pileups don’t happen every time. An experienced personal injury attorney can help a victim understand if their particular car collision was caused by another driver’s negligence. In cases of pileups on the interstate, negligence may take the form of driving too fast and thus being unable to stop in time when stopped cars are spotted up ahead. A driver who is talking on the phone or texting may not even notice a looming accident until it is much too late. Finally, a car with faulty or poorly-maintained brakes may not be able to stop as quickly as it otherwise would, contributing to a dangerous pileup.

Victims of wintertime car accidents can get their questions answered and their options explained by an Erie auto accident lawyer. Pursuing one’s legal options may result in compensation for damages, such as the medical expenses resulting from broken bones, whiplash or other accident-related ailments.

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