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Medical Malpractice Case Statistics Show 45% Decline

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2013 | Firm News |

The latest available data regarding medical malpractice case information which has just been released shows a decline in the number of filings in Pennsylvania of medical malpractice cases. In 2012 there were just over 1500 medical malpractice case filings. That is a 45% decline from the base years of 2000-2002. What’s more, in Philadelphia, the state’s largest judicial district, there has been a 68% decline in medical malpractice case filings over the same period.

These numbers reinforce the belief that there is no liability crisis and/or medical malpractice crisis in this state. Rather, the number of cases alleging medical malpractice has gone down steadily since the base years of 2000-2002.

So the next time that someone suggests in discussion or argument that there are too many medical malpractice cases being filed, or someone suggests that there is a liability crisis explaining why medical expenses are so high, point them in the direction of this data. Whatever causes medical expenses to go up, cannot be blamed on medical malpractice cases. The number of cases has decreased by 45% in total and 68% in Philadelphia in the last 10 years. Note that the data contained herein was compiled and published by the Pennsylvania courts’ website. Their website is free to be visited by all at The information may also be found on Twitter at pacourts.