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Motorcycle accidents often share common causes

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2014 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents |


Summer and fall are often prime times for viewing the scenic Pennsylvania countryside via motorcycle. These times of year, many bikers are out and about on highways, local roads and interstates. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are also not uncommon as summer transitions into fall. Pennsylvania’s many two-lane highways and winding roads are fertile ground for driver error if one isn’t paying close attention.

While accidents involving motorcycles aren’t necessarily more common than other types of accidents, they do tend to be deadlier. In fact, since 1999, automobile accident deaths have been decreasing while motorcycle accident fatalities have climbed by more than 50 percent.

Most motorcycle accidents can be grouped into a few common categories of causes. One of the most common areas is at an intersection; motorcycles are smaller vehicles which often makes it more difficult for an automobile driver to see a motorcyclist. Failure to yield at an intersection can result in catastrophe for a motorcyclist as well as drivers and passengers in the vehicle turning left.

Another danger to motorcyclists in Pennsylvania is objects on the road. Due to the bike’s relatively small size and lack of external protection, running over part of a shredded tire, pothole or uneven payment, to name a few, can cause a bike to spin completely out of control.

Many motorcycle accidents are preventable, as are countless wrecks involving vehicles, trucks and pedestrians. It is everyone’s responsibility to follow the rules of the road, avoid being a distracted driver and follow the proper legal steps in the event of an accident.

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