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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Catastrophic injury attorneys an important resource for bikers

With spring on the way, many motorcyclists in the Erie area are bound to be looking forward to warmer weather. Riding a motorcycle is a great way to get around, as well as a fun form of recreation. But, like many forms of recreation, it carries its risks as well as its rewards. When a

Distracted drivers and motorcycles: A dangerous combination

Many Erie-area drivers have probably seen the bumper sticker which urges drivers to "start seeing motorcycles." What does this common decal mean? When it comes to preventing a

Erie accident victims may not know full extent of damages

When a resident of Erie or the surrounding areas is injured in a motorcycle accident, there is usually a variety of damages that stem from the crash. Of course, there are the injuries themselves and the corresponding medical expenses, but there are often many more damages that accident victims may not realize until it's too late to seek compensation.

Helmet use decreases motorcycle accident death risk

Every motorcyclist, like every driver, faces the risk of injury when they are out on the road. While both drivers and bikers face risks, those who travel via motorcycle are particularly vulnerable since their vehicle has no external protection. Still, many motorcycle accidents are preventable and automobile drivers bear the responsibility for keeping Erie roads safe for motorcyclists.

Motorcycle accidents often share common causes

Summer and fall are often prime times for viewing the scenic Pennsylvania countryside via motorcycle. These times of year, many bikers are out and about on highways, local roads and interstates. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are also not uncommon as summer transitions into fall. Pennsylvania's many two-lane highways and winding roads are fertile ground for driver error if one isn't paying close attention.

Alleged drunk driver hits couple on motorcycle in Pa. crash

With the dog days of summer upon Pennsylvania, many individuals are taking time to enjoy the season while they still can. For many residents of Erie and surrounding areas, that means taking out the motorcycle for some fair-weather riding. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents tend to be just as much of a summer staple as motorcycles themselves, and this season has proved no exception.

Pennsylvania motorcycle accident claims life of officer

When motorcycle riders get on the roadways, they place their trust in drivers of larger vehicles. Motorcyclists should be able to expect other drivers to remain alert and keep an eye out for smaller vehicles, but unfortunately that isn't always the case, especially when drunk drivers put motorcyclists' lives at risk.

Action in Erie DUI motorcycle fatality case draws big crowd

A 43-year-old Erie woman has pleaded guilty to charges in connection with a fatal motorcycle-car crash last May. She could be wind up receiving a minimum of three years or a maximum of 10 years behind bars as a result of her plea, but for at least some in the community, the minimum for this fatal

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