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PA car accident victims: more than just drivers and passengers

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News |


When residents of Erie think of the term “car accident victim,” they may be likely to picture a driver or a passenger. Indeed, countless car accident victims both locally and across the country are other occupants of a motor vehicle. Nonetheless, there are many other types of accident victims who can benefit from consultation with

Erie, Pennsylvania, trial attorneys


Motorcyclists are often the victims of various types of collisions, whether a passenger car makes a left turn in front of them, or a large semi-truck fails to slow down and rear-ends their bike. Motorcycle riders are inherently vulnerable due to the lack of protection from their vehicle. As a result, a collision, which would otherwise not seriously harm a passenger car occupant, could cause very serious injury to a motorcyclist. Those who ride bicycles are even more vulnerable as bicycles are less easy to see than motorcycles and bicyclists’ helmets are not as durable. In addition, while motorcycles must follow the same rules as passenger cars, some drivers may not be familiar with bicyclists’ hand signals or proper use of bike lanes.

As a result, some who ride either motorcycles or bikes around the Erie area find themselves the victims of

car accidents

. Sometimes, vehicle drivers will claim it was not their fault and that the accident was not preventable. While this can be the case, many times, the biker or bicyclists was struck by a negligent driver. This same type of situation can happen with pedestrians who are struck by a motor vehicle. A pedestrian is hit when a car making a right turn at a red light fails to check the intersection for pedestrians, or when a car going too fast down a suburban street fails to give walkers, joggers or children time to move out of the way.

As with bikers and cyclists, a pedestrian can be catastrophically injured, even when hit by a slow-moving vehicle. Unlike bikers and cyclists though, a pedestrian usually is not wearing any sort of protective gear whatsoever, and thus pedestrian accidents can often prove deadly. Unfortunately, any type of car collision can claim a life or cause severe injury. Following an auto accident victims are likely to feel physically and emotionally drained, but an initial consultation with a personal injury attorney can clear-up confusion regarding legal options and next steps.