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Pennsylvania bus driver ignored “bump” that was hurt pedestrian

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2013 | Firm News, Wrongful Death |

A driver may have no malicious intent when he cuts you off in traffic. The individual may not be thinking of you at all. Unsafe driving is a Pennsylvania traffic violation. Disregarding another motorist’s safety is negligence.

Reckless drivers can show up anytime. You feel relieved when you avoid a collision and maybe angry that someone could be so thoughtless. The driver who carelessly pulled in front of you might have caused an accident, which neither you nor police could dismiss.

A long-time school bus driver was making a morning high school run. The bus was turning at a Lower Pottsgrove intersection, when the driver felt a “bump.” She checked a side mirror, observed a white bag and continued on the route.

The “bump” was a 78-year-old pedestrian, who was hit and dragged under the bus. She died from multiple injuries. Investigators said the elderly woman was struck while crossing the street on a green light, as pedestrians are required to do.

A second school bus driver nearby reported the accident, with details about the accident and the hit-and-run bus. About two hours after the fatality, the first bus driver contacted police and stated she might have caused the fatal crash. Damage to the woman’s bus was consistent with the accident.

A reconstruction team found no obstacles that would have blocked the bus driver’s view of the pedestrian. Charges of careless driving and involuntary manslaughter were filed. The defendant, who complained of extreme sun glare at the time of the crash, was released on $25,000 bail and suspended from driving school buses.

Criminal charges and a personal injury or

wrongful death

claim may follow an accident that inflicts pain and suffering. It doesn’t matter how well a driver operated a car yesterday or 30 years ago. What counts in criminal and civil courts are a driver’s condition and behaviors at the time of an accident.


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