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Pennsylvania car accidents: Arrest made in hit-and-run collision

On Behalf of | May 30, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Law enforcement authorities in Pennsylvania arrested the individual they believe is responsible for a school bus crash that left 14 people injured. This accident happened May 17, in Lancaster County. When hit-and-run car accidents occur, victims may be left feeling that they are without legal recourse. However, in this case, as the individual thought responsible was found, they may now pursue claims for monetary damages.

According to a news report, the driver of a sedan attempted to pass a couple of tractor-trailers and struck one of the escort vehicles in the process. That automobile then hit the side of an oncoming bus, pushing it in the way of a tractor-trailer. After being struck by the truck, the bus flipped onto it side and came to a stop. The driver of the sedan supposedly continued on his way. A total of 14 people on the bus required medical treatment.

About a week after the crash, police arrested a 46-year-old male who they believe was the driver who left the scene. This individual, whose license had been suspended back in 2004, was arraigned Wednesday, May 24. He is facing both felony and misdemeanor charges.

Pennsylvania residents who are injured in hit-and-run car accidents may seek compensation for their losses when those deemed responsible for the collisions are found. In this case, 14 different personal injury claims may be filed against the man who is thought to have caused this crash. An experienced attorney can assist those who would like to pursue legal actions in filing and litigating the appropriate claims in a Pennsylvania civil court.

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