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Pennsylvania workers’ compensation: Q and A, part 3

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Firm News, workers' compensation |

Still more questions about work comp? Here are some more answers. This week, this column will continue its Q and A series about workers’ compensation benefits that may be available Pennsylvania residents.

Question number one for this week is: Will I receive my full pay during my recovery? Not likely. Most insurance providers only provide for a portion of one’s pay. According to state laws, wage-loss benefits are only required to cover two-thirds of an employee’s average weekly pay.

Question number two for this week is: How often are wage-loss benefits paid? First off, to qualify for wage-loss benefits, one must miss work due to injury or illness for a minimum of seven days. The first check will be sent on the eighth day. After that, a benefits check should be mailed weekly for up to 90 days. By that time, insurance will have had the opportunity to review one’s case and decide on either a long-term solution or to cancel or deny benefits.

Making life work on only two-thirds of one’s pay can be a challenge, but at the same time, it is better than receiving nothing. It is unfortunate that numerous Pennsylvania residents who suffer injuries or occupational diseases have their claims canceled or denied, leaving them left to handle their expenses out of pocket and without income coming in. Any individual who is struggling to achieve fair wage-loss benefits can seek assistance from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who will be able to review his or her case and fight hard to achieve fair and full coverage for one’s losses.

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