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Statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2017 | Firm News, personal injury |

A person who has been harmed by a defective product has a limited amount of time to seek awards for damages. The laws vary by state, and in Pennsylvania, the typical statute of limitations for personal injury is two years. It is important to be proactive about the case if one feels that legal action should be taken.

The statute of limitations in this case is for what is known as a tort. A tort is a civil wrong that causes personal injury or property damage to another individual. When a tort situation occurs, the plaintiff, or person injured, has the ability to file a civil lawsuit against the alleged wrongdoer. One must file the suit within the statute of limitations, which simply means the amount of time that passes after the injury.

Typically in Pennsylvania, this will refer to the time of the injury, or it could be the time when the injury was noticed. If a person is injured by a defective product, the type of action is known as product liability. If a product is unreasonably dangerous where used in the manner for which it was intended, the product is considered defective.

A personal injury from a defective product can result in extremely damaging circumstances. A person who has suffered an injury in Pennsylvania will likely be interested to learn if awards from damages are possible. Some individuals choose to hire a personal injury attorney for an evaluation of the case and for help in bringing it to court.

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