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Staying safe for the 2018 Roar on the Shore

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Firm News |

Erie’s proximity to one of the Great Lakes makes it a destination for people from all over Pennsylvania and beyond. Some people come to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Preque Isle State Park. Others enjoy the rides at Water World and Waldameer Park. There are plenty of other attractions and events that bring people to the area. One event that always brings in a lot of people is the annual Roar on the Shore.

Roar on the Shore is a week-long celebration of motorcycles that includes performances by live bands, a dozen different group rides and many more fun activities for motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. Every year, bikers celebrate Roar on the Shore during the third week of July. Sadly, people often end up getting hurt during this event. If you’re planning on attending Roar on the Shore, be certain to protect yourself by following some simple safety rules.

Avoid the booze before you cruise

With so many rides, it’s perfectly natural to want to go on as many as you can. Not only can you enjoy spectacular views of Lake Erie, you can also view the beautiful countryside in the company of others who also love to travel on two wheels.

Unfortunately, many people choose to drink before riding, which can end tragically. Of course, you don’t have to totally avoid drinking. There are even alcohol-related official events as part of Roar on the Shore, such as nightly happy hours with a live DJ. If you do decide to drink, you need to hang up your helmet for the night. Once you start drinking, you should walk or take a taxi anywhere you need to go.

Drive safe and arrive with a smile

Much of the fun of Road on the Shore is enjoying your bike with others who share your passion. In some cases, people find these kinds of gatherings to be an incentive to show off or to try to impress others. You may think that riding without a helmet makes you look tough or authentic, but it only puts you at risk of catastrophic injuries if something goes wrong.

As long as you drive safely and stay sober on your bike, you can reduce you overall risks. Wearing a helmet can also protect you from debilitating injuries in the event of a crash or collision. However, nothing you can do will totally eliminate your risks.

Consider increasing your motorcycle insurance coverage before heading to Roar on the Shore. Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries, and many bikers only insure their bikes and not their bodies in the event of a crash. Insurance can give you another option for compensation after a crash. If another biker or driver causes your crash, you may also be able to recover some losses by filing a personal injury lawsuit.