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Teen DUI blamed for 4 injuries in Pennsylvania border crash

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2013 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

An Erie County accident injury that sidelines a loved one stresses a family’s stability. Anxiety over a

car accident

victim’s recovery is coupled with worries about finances. A family can be deprived of important income for an extended period and face enormous medical expenses.


Relatives and friends pitch in to help when they can, but there are some crashes that overwhelm. Multiple injuries within the same family mean victims sometimes outnumber caregivers. A parent is unable to aid a child’s recovery when both are severely injured in an auto accident.

A 19-year-old Ohio man is blamed for seriously injuring a 45-year-old male driver and three children. A 6-month-old was the youngest victim; the other children were five and three. Pennsylvania State Police in Lawrence County said a teen driver under the influence of marijuana slammed into the victims’ van after running a stop sign.

The car broadsided the vehicle. The van overturned and hit a tree. A 31-year-old woman in the van was reported injured, although state troopers did not publicize her medical condition.

The teen driver was released after hospital treatment for minor injuries. His 17-year-old male companion apparently was unhurt. The teens told state troopers they had been smoking marijuana before the crash occurred. Investigators said they found what appeared to be marijuana in the car. The driver’s blood was drawn for a toxicology test.

Multiple charges were filed against the car driver including aggravated assault by vehicle, DUI, underage possession of alcohol and traffic infractions. Drug possession charges are likely to be added, if tests confirm the seized substance is marijuana.

Drivers of any age who put their own desires ahead of the safety of others pay consequences. Driver negligence often leads to liability claims, with or without accompanying criminal charges. Victims and families petition a civil court for compensation to alleviate present and future suffering.


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