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The dangers and criminal consequences of drunk driving

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2017 | drunk driving, Firm News |

Pretty much everyone knows that driving while under the influence of alcohol is not the best thing to do. It puts one’s own life in danger and places other lives at risk. However, simply knowing this has done little to deter drunk driving incidents in Pennsylvania or elsewhere.

Why is impaired driving treated like such a serious criminal offense? According to the Nation Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, 28 people die daily in the United State in alcohol-related auto collisions. While this number is smaller than it used to be, that is still adds up to one death every 53 minutes caused by a drunk driver.

Many drunk drivers may not feel impaired when behind the wheel. However, even a small amount of alcohol can affect someone’s ability to think, and it also impacts his or her reaction time. While currently, it is legal to drive with a blood alcohol level of up to .07 percent blood/alcohol content, one can be pulled over and arrested with a BAC lower that that if visually impaired — this means that an officer has witnessed this person struggling to control his or her automobile or committing a traffic violation.

At the end of the day, drunk driving is dangerous. Because of this, it is not something that the state of Pennsylvania takes lightly. Those accused of DUI-related offenses could face significant consequences if they are ultimately convicted such as jail time, imprisonment, fines and loss of driving privileges — among others. Fighting an impaired driving charge can be difficult, particularly if one’s BAC tested really high or if one is accused of hurting or killing another person in a DUI-related accident. An experienced attorney can help those accused of impaired driving do all that is necessary to fight their cases and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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