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Truck accident cases: powerful adversaries require solid counsel

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2014 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |


Many legal issues in Pennsylvania have a “David and Goliath” quality to them; they often involve a victimized individual having to go up against a much more powerful adversary. While most Erie residents are unlikely to be involved in a class-action lawsuit or groundbreaking Supreme Court case, there is the chance that local residents may find themselves the victim of a truck accident. When this happens, they may understandably be overwhelmed by the legal complications as well as by the powerful status of trucking companies.

Unlike some minor two-vehicle collisions, semi-truck collisions can unleash extreme damage and destruction. Even a simple rear-end incident with a semi can demolish a vehicle, cause catastrophic injuries or even wipe out the occupants of a smaller vehicle completely. Despite the obvious damage a truck accident can cause, it is often challenging to hold truck drivers or their employers accountable without extensive legal help.

First, truck accidents can have even more possible causes than passenger car collisions. A wreck may be the result of truck driver fatigue, a drunk truck driver or negligent truck maintenance. Sometimes it is the truck driver’s fault, sometimes it is the driver’s employer’s fault, sometimes fault lies with both and at times the truck itself may be defective.

Another crucial reason for securing experienced truck accident counsel is due to the power and resources enjoyed by truck companies. Truck driver’s employers generally have far more insurance-related and defense-related resources than another passenger vehicle driver would have. As a result, holding negligent parties accountable can be difficult without assertive legal help.

Uncovering the cause of a victim’s injuries is key to civil suits, such as personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death cases that often follow truck accidents. Experienced Erie personal injury lawyers can enlist a team of experts to uncover the true cause of an accident. Speaking with an experienced truck accident litigation attorney can be the first step towards unearthing the cause of an accident and being made whole again through compensation. Our

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