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Truck accidents on Pennsylvania roads dangerous, injurious

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2013 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |

When most readers hear of a dangerous accident involving a commercial vehicle or tractor-trailer, they immediately think of how dangerous an auto accident can be if smaller vehicles are involved. What is not as common, but is also equally dangerous, are

truck accidents

involving multiple large vehicles. Recently, the Pennsylvania turnpike was shut down for numerous hours after a collision between three tractor-trailers.

The accident happened in the early morning hours in the eastbound lanes of the turnpike. In addition to the damage sustained by the trucks, one vehicle was pushed into a concrete median, causing chunks of the material to land in the westbound lanes and causing additional delays. According to reports, a truck carrying steel coils collided with a truck carrying fertilizer. The driver of the third truck, an ice melt truck, was unable to avoid the collision and collided with the wreckage.

The accident was severe enough to require two of the drivers to be transported to a hospital. The driver of the ice melt truck sustained injuries to his leg that required surgery. A witness reported that the man could have lost his life in the crash. Fortunately, reports do not indicate that his injuries are life threatening. Reports also do not state what authorities believe caused the accident or whether any charges will be filed.

Truck accidents are often devastating due to the size, weight and force of the vehicles involved. In this case, a Pennsylvania truck driver was injured due to his being unable to avoid the wreckage of the other two trucks. As he focuses on recovering from surgery, he may find it beneficial to investigate his rights under our state’s personal injury laws. Should any ongoing investigation discover that his injuries were caused by the negligence of another party, he may be able to file civil claims against such parties. Successfully litigated claims could provide him with monetary compensation, which could greatly aid him as he recovers physically and financially.


Tractor Trailer Crash Closes Turnpike for Seven Hours

, James Boyle, Dec. 20, 2013