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Truck hits PA pothole on I-80, veers into man in median

In last week's post, the dangers of Pennsylvania seasonal rain and fog were discussed. Another cause of dangerous truck accidents, though, can be the related potholes that tend to crop up every spring in the Erie area. When potholes are located on highways and interstates, the dangers they pose can be severe. Still, drivers must remain attentive and avoid potholes, so long as that avoidance does not entail swerving into another vehicle. Escaping damaging obstacles in the road may not always be easy, but it is every driver's responsibility.

Rain, fog require extra vigilance from Pennsylvania truck drivers

It is often said that the month of March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. For residents of northwestern Pennsylvania, though, the entire month may feel like an endurance test regarding bad weather. March weather in Erie can bring anything from blizzard conditions to sleet, hail, ice, fog, rain and even flooding. While the unpredictable weather is not going away, neither are those who must travel local roads each day in semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. In order for drivers of big rigs to avoid

What are the basic phases of a commercial vehicle collision?

When an Erie resident is involved in a truck accident, there are likely to be many unanswered questions at first, especially regarding the nature of the crash itself. Finding out why and how a

What can truck drivers do to avoid collisions?

While on the job, Pennsylvania's truck drivers must obey all state laws, federal regulations and any local restrictions. In addition, truck drivers must also obey all posted signage just as other drivers must.

Truck accident cases: powerful adversaries require solid counsel

Many legal issues in Pennsylvania have a "David and Goliath" quality to them; they often involve a victimized individual having to go up against a much more powerful adversary. While most Erie residents are unlikely to be involved in a class-action lawsuit or groundbreaking Supreme Court case, there is the chance that local residents may find themselves the victim of a truck accident. When this happens, they may understandably be overwhelmed by the legal complications as well as by the powerful status of trucking companies.

Fiery wreck involves Pennsylvania coal truck

East of Erie, the Pittsburgh area was once known for coal energy that powered the country. Recently, though, a coal truck crash reminded residents that there are dangers that come with any industry. Last month in Indiana County, a multi-vehicle accident involving a coal truck led to serious injuries as well as one death.

Truck crashes much more likely to involve other vehicles

Pennsylvania residents have been hearing a lot about trucking safety in recent months, especially after the accident that seriously injured comic Tracy Jordan earlier this year. Some of the discussion has centered on the state and federal regulations that govern trucking, and some of it has centered on pressures within the trucking industry to move more goods more quickly. One aspect of the discussion that may not get as much attention as it deserves is the number of people who are injured or killed in commercial truck accidents.

Semi-truck collision kills motorcyclist in Northampton County

Commercial truck drivers are supposed to receive extensive training before they are legally eligible to operate tractor-trailers. This training includes education on how to watch for smaller vehicles and follow the rules of the road as accidents involving large trucks can easily lead to fatalities and necessary legal action.

Pennsylvania family sues over delivery vehicle accident

It is widely known that being involved in an accident with a large vehicle, such as a delivery truck, can cause significant injuries. One family in Pennsylvania has filed a lawsuit claiming that a truck driver caused an accident that inflicted serious injuries on a mother and child.

Pennsylvania woman extricated from car after truck accident

All drivers, including those who drive box trucks and other large vehicles, have to remain aware and focused on driving. Failing to pay attention to road conditions and other vehicles can lead to serious accidents that truck drivers and trucking companies should be accountable for. A recent Pennsylvania crash illustrates the injurious consequences that can result from a collision with a large truck.

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