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Under investigation? Now is the time to start a criminal defense

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2017 | criminal defense, Firm News |

Early action is almost always a good idea when you are under investigation for a criminal offense in Pennsylvania. This means taking the first step toward a comprehensive criminal defense plan should usually take place before charges are ever filed. You might be worried that creating a legal defense prior to charges might give the impression of guilt, but it is simply the smart response to a criminal investigation.

Criminal investigations are not typically completed in a matter of days, despite how some popular TV shows might depict the process. If you are being investigated for serious criminal matters, including white collar or internet crimes, the investigation can take months and, in some cases, even longer. By the time these investigations are completed, prosecutors will usually have a significant amount of evidence.

Early defense preparation can ensure that you have the same amount of time to prepare as the prosecution. In some instances, this type of early intervention can even help eliminate charges before they are filed. Others can more easily negotiate lower charges or have them dismissed. Perhaps most importantly when you begin your defense during an investigation, you can be sure to have an advocate on your side, protecting your from predatory investigators in Pennsylvania.

Learning that you are under a criminal investigation can be frightening, and the desire to wait and see how things turn out can be tempting. However, your future might be on the line and any type of criminal investigation should be treated seriously within a timely manner. To learn more about the benefits of early criminal defense plans, be sure to visit our website.