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What kind of benefits does workers’ compensation have?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2017 | Firm News, workers' compensation |

When a Pennsylvania worker is injured on the job, he or she usually understands that workers’ comp can help. The benefits that workers’ compensation provides are an invaluable tool for injured workers, who rely on compensation as they recover. There are several types of benefits underneath the umbrella of workers’ comp that provide compensation for different things.

Medical care is one of the many benefits that injured workers can rely on. When injured or made ill because of a work-related incident, most individuals are entitled to have their related medical needs paid for. This includes a broad range of medical services, and might include necessary surgery, physician follow-ups, prostheses, medications and more. Medical care benefits are also not limited to those who must take time off work for their injury, so anyone who has suffered a work-related accident can receive the care they need.

Wage-loss benefits are also incredibly important. This benefit provides payments under one of two circumstances — the first being a worker who becomes totally disabled because of their injury and is unable to work. Partially disabled workers who earn less than before their injury may also receive benefits for lost wages.

Providing compensation for lost wages and medical bills is perhaps what workers’ compensation is best known for, but other benefits do exist. A worker who has suffered an amputation or lost the use of a specific body part is usually entitled to specific loss benefits, and those who have suffered a permanent disfigurement to their face, neck or head might also be eligible. Surviving family members of workers killed on-the-job are not left out of the equation, as death benefits might be available to dependents.

Even the most careful of Pennsylvania workers can be the victim of a work-related injury. Whether they are harmed through a one-time accident, because of repetitive movements or from an airborne illness, workers’ compensation can usually be obtained. These invaluable benefits can provide the necessary support for the best recovery possible.

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