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You don't need a "big injury" to get workers' compensation

Workplace injuries are no laughing matter, and each year an untold number of employees in Pennsylvania are hurt on the job. Most people think that workers' compensation only applies to so-called "big injuries" that are the result of serious accidents. While this might be the prevailing belief, the reality is that men and women who suffer any type of work-related injury qualify for compensation.

Workers' compensation claim denied? You can appeal

For hardworking people in Pennsylvania, few things may be more devastating than a workplace accident. The physical and emotional toll from such an accident can be overwhelming, and many victims turn to workers' compensation during their recovery. Unfortunately, obtaining workers' comp is not always easy. For those who have been denied, it is possible to file an appeal and obtain the compensation deserved.

Workers' compensation could help victims of explosion

Proper workplace safety is essential to the well-being of each and every employee in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, some men and women are continually subjected to unsafe working conditions that put their lives at risk. Although workers' compensation is available for injured workers, this compensation may seem trivial to those who have lost loved ones in accidents.

Workers' compensation: Van explosion kills 1, injures 1

Pennsylvania workers in various industries are exposed to flammable substances and materials. Workplace accidents that involve fires and explosions are the subject of many workers' compensation claims that are filed every year. Two more will likely follow soon after the death of one worker and injuries suffered by another in an explosion.

Employee forced to retire after workers' compensation settlement

Many Pennsylvania residents and others around the country look forward to the time they can retire from their jobs. They hope their retirement years will be full of enjoyable activities, hobbies, spending time with family or even pursuing other careers. However, some employees may not view retiring in a positive light. A fire captain in another state recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that he was forced to retire after he received a workers' compensation settlement.

Workers' compensation: Most common injuries are preventable

Missing work due to workplace injuries is likely something every employee in Pennsylvania would rather avoid. According to safety authorities, most on-the-job accidents that lead to workers' compensation claims are preventable. Analysis of the workplace injuries -- fatal and non-fatal -- that occurred in 2015-2016 revealed the three most common causes of injuries, all of which could be avoided by compliance with federal safety regulations.

Does my right to know about dangers affect workers' compensation?

Certain workplaces can be riddled with hidden dangers. In Pennsylvania, workers have the right to know about hazardous or toxic substances that might be present in their workplace. However, being aware of certain hazards will not necessarily prevent a workplace accident, and as such has no affect on whether a person qualifies for workers' compensation.

New legislation could affect Pennsylvania workers' compensation

No one can predict when a workplace accident will occur. Even when every safety precaution is taken, Pennsylvania workers may still be involved in a work-related accident that causes them serious injury, putting them temporarily out of work. Workers' compensation provides necessary financial support and medical care during the recovery period, but some are worried that legislative changes could compromise these benefits.

What kind of benefits does workers' compensation have?

When a Pennsylvania worker is injured on the job, he or she usually understands that workers' comp can help. The benefits that workers' compensation provides are an invaluable tool for injured workers, who rely on compensation as they recover. There are several types of benefits underneath the umbrella of workers' comp that provide compensation for different things.

Can I get workers' compensation if harmed by poor air quality?

Pennsylvania employers are required to provide their employees with reasonably safe working conditions free from unnecessary hazards. This applies to more than just physical dangers, such as falling debris or improperly maintained equipment; it also covers the possible presence of toxic substances in the air. While workers' compensation benefits are available for workers injured by poor workplace air quality, action may also be taken under the Occupational Safety and Health Act to help implement change.

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