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Workers’ compensation: Most common injuries are preventable

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Firm News, workers' compensation |

Missing work due to workplace injuries is likely something every employee in Pennsylvania would rather avoid. According to safety authorities, most on-the-job accidents that lead to workers’ compensation claims are preventable. Analysis of the workplace injuries — fatal and non-fatal — that occurred in 2015-2016 revealed the three most common causes of injuries, all of which could be avoided by compliance with federal safety regulations.

Falls from heights, and those caused by slipping and tripping, make up a significant number of injuries that cause days off work. Although gravity often plays a role in slip or trip-and-fall accidents, negligent housekeeping is frequently the cause. Failure to clean spills, and random objects standing around on walkways present severe hazards. When it comes to falls from heights, accessing unsuitable platforms, using unsafe ladders and the lack of personal protective equipment such as fall harnesses and safety nets are often to blame.

Musculoskeletal injuries keep workers in all industries away from work. These include muscle sprains and strains, backache, shoulder pains and more discomforts, typically caused by lifting, pulling, pushing and other materials handling. Workers who perform motions that are repetitive, often with their bodies in awkward positions, can fall victim to injuries that have long-term consequences.

These are all common injuries that can occur in any industry. Fortunately, Pennsylvania business owners carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide financial relief to victims of on-the-job injuries. Benefits typically cover medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. However, the claims process can prove to be challenging, and some injured workers choose to use the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to handle their claims for them.

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