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Wrongful death litigation after a Pennsylvania workplace accident

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Despite a history well-known for manufacturing, Erie today is home to an economically diverse workforce. According to Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, the top employers in the area include General Electric, the state government, St. Vincent Health Center and Walmart. In any industry, a workplace accident has the potential to severely shake up the life of a local resident. In some tragic cases, a fatal workplace accident may sudden force a family to ponder a

wrongful death claim


In the case of a fatal accident happening at work, a family must not only cope with the abrupt loss of a loved one but also with the possibility of a future without a breadwinner. Even in instances where the worker was not the primary earner, his or her paycheck is no longer able to help support the family. Moreover, there are often additional bills to pay, such as funeral and medical expenses, that accompany a deadly accident. As a result, families are often left reeling both emotionally and financially after a workplace incident.

One method for meeting these new and unexpected financial needs is through wrongful death litigation. If a workplace accident was caused by another’s negligence, the surviving family members or estate may be able to pursue compensation for damages. At Conner Riley Friedman & Weichler, the attorneys’ decades of trial experience combine to shield families from having to navigate a confusing legal system. The wrongful death lawyers work with families to understand what happened to their loved one, what caused the accident and if negligence or recklessness contributed to their loss. If so, the attorneys help families move forward by outlining their legal options, explaining the process of a trial and determining damages.

A consultation at Conner Riley Friedman & Weichler is free of charge. Families can use this session to better understand the process of being made whole again after a workplace fatality. Employers are responsible for maintaining safe workplaces, but the laws and regulations surrounding this duty can be complicated and particularly tough to understand during a time of grief. By pursuing professional legal help, families can have at least some of this heavy burden lifted off their shoulders.