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If an infant dies, can PA parents bring a wrongful death suit?

The loss of a Pennsylvania loved one is always traumatic, but the sudden and unexpected death of a young person can be particularly shocking. Losing a baby may prove especially devastating since the precious time spent with the child was cut tragically short. In cases where an

Wrongful death litigation after a Pennsylvania workplace accident

Despite a history well-known for manufacturing, Erie today is home to an economically diverse workforce. According to Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, the top employers in the area include General Electric, the state government, St. Vincent Health Center and Walmart. In any industry, a workplace accident has the potential to severely shake up the life of a local resident. In some tragic cases, a fatal workplace accident may sudden force a family to ponder a

Many Pennsylvanians work in America's deadliest jobs

Following the economic uncertainty of the past few years, many Americans have been seeking out new fields for employment. With new areas of work come new job demands, new skills to learn and new tips and tricks to absorb. When it comes to on-the-job safety, many Pennsylvania workers must cope with new priorities that differ from those in their previous position; thus, employers who make safety a high priority can help avoid the possibility of a workplace injury or death.

Fatal house fire, 911 mix-up lead to wrongful death litigation

Most Erie residents will likely never find themselves in a situation where they have to dial 911. Upon doing so, callers are generally frightened and confused but nonetheless reassured that help is on its way. In a recent case out of Pennsylvania, though, the connection between a delayed response to a 911 call and the death of a 52-year-old woman has led to a wrongful death lawsuit.

Wrongful death: Beneficiaries may be family, representatives

When a Pennsylvanian is killed in a fatal accident, the effect can be shocking for close family members. An Erie resident's sudden death is not only tragic by its very nature, but the losses that are felt afterwards can be excruciating. An accidental death caused by another's negligence can be particularly difficult, since losses of this type are often preventable.

Pa. wrongful death trial concerns woman's fatal hospital stay

One of the safest places to be in western Pennsylvania is usually within the walls of a hospital or other medical facility. Still, disaster can strike even in environments associated with healing and recovery. Earlier this month in Chambersburg, a wrongful death trial began that is likely to gain the attention of the local medical community.

Decorative fountain spurs Pennsylvania Legionnaire's outbreak

There are many types of incidents that can merit a wrongful death lawsuit in Pennsylvania: car accidents, fatal workplace accidents and incidents at medical facilities which stem from negligence, among others. Recently in South Whitehall, an outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease has prompted a

Jogger killed in Pennsylvania pedestrian accident

Failure to pay attention while driving can lead to catastrophe, and when distracted driving is determined to be the cause of an injurious or fatal accident, the victim or the victim's family has a right to hold the driver responsible through civil legal action. Even when a driver is charged with a crime in connection with a crash, sometimes the only way to achieve the full measure of legal justice is through a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

PA courts: Driver, not golf course, responsible for deaths

Pennsylvania's Dram Shop Act makes it possible to hold sellers of alcohol responsible if they over-serve a visibly intoxicated driver who later injures or kills a person. However, the standard of proof is high in these cases, which often hinge on whether the plaintiff's attorney can prove that the drunk driver was visibly intoxicated prior to being sold or served alcohol.

Teen dies on Pennsylvania railroad tracks, family files lawsuit

It is impossible to accurately describe the grief a parent can experience after the death of a child, and when the death was caused by a third party’s negligence, the emotional aftermath can become exceedingly complicated. One Pennsylvania family has opted to take legal action against various entities the family claims were responsible for their daughter's death at the Center Street railroad crossing in Milton, Pennsylvania.

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