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You don’t need a “big injury” to get workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Firm News, workers' compensation |

Workplace injuries are no laughing matter, and each year an untold number of employees in Pennsylvania are hurt on the job. Most people think that workers’ compensation only applies to so-called “big injuries” that are the result of serious accidents. While this might be the prevailing belief, the reality is that men and women who suffer any type of work-related injury qualify for compensation.

Determining whether an injury is work-related is usually straightforward, although there can be nuance. In general, if a person was carrying out a work task or engaged in activity related to one’s employment when injured, then it was work-related. However, a person who was on break but injured in the place of employment can still seek compensation, as can someone who suffered injuries at an event sponsored by work, such as a holiday party.

Injuries can be industry-specific as well. For instance, a retail worker might be unlikely to develop carpal tunnel from that type of job, but an office worker may spend so many hours at the computer that this type of injury is obviously work-related. While both these workers can develop carpal tunnel, the retail worker may have a more difficult time documenting that the carpal tunnel injury was due to employment.

Workers’ compensation is intended to provide financial recourse for any person who is hurt on the job. Sadly, many Pennsylvania workers do not feel as if their injuries are eligible for compensation because of how much emphasis is placed on the big injuries and the accidents that cause them. For those who are unsure, seeking an opinion from qualified counsel is usually an appropriate option.