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This was a case in which the client, age 47, following thyroid surgery for early thyroid cancer was improperly and negligently treated with excessive radiation by a radiology and oncology service, causing the client to receive radiation in excess of the safe upper limits and causing permanent, severe and paralyzing cervical spinal cord injuries. The firm tried this case to a jury verdict, awarding the client a six-figure settlement.

Attorney Tim Riley represented the family of a young woman whose doctors failed to diagnose her breast cancer in a timely manner. The young woman passed away and attorney Riley obtained a financial recovery on behalf of her family.

After a delayed diagnosis of breast cancer in a woman, the disease spread and required extensive, painful surgery. Although the patient was fortunate and is still alive, had the cancer been timely diagnosed, the need for the additional surgeries and risks would have been eliminated. Attorney Tim Riley secured a settlement for the woman.

After a doctor did not offer prostate cancer screening to a man well within the age where screening is part of a physical, a local man was diagnosed very late with prostate cancer and subsequently passed away. Attorney Tim Riley successfully represented his family in a delayed diagnosis of cancer case.

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