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The firm represented a 30-year-old man who was employed by an independent contractor on a gas well drilling project and suffered an amputation of his left arm and shoulder and severe hydrochloric acid burns from a failure of an improperly designed gas well fracking device by an independent gas well driller employing the consultant’s services. This case was resolved prior to trial with a seven-figure settlement.

A 35-year-old ironworker suffered severe, permanent paralyzing spinal cord injuries on a large construction project as a consequence of an employee of an independent subcontractor negligently covering a hole in an elevated scaffold where our client was installing iron. The firm resolved the case during trial with a six-figure settlement.

The firm represented a 30-year-old ironworker who was injured on a multistory renovation construction job site. Our client suffered severe and permanent brain injuries because another independent subcontractor at the job site negligently precut a portion of concrete slab, which allowed the precut portion to fall three to four floors into the first floor while it was attached to a crane, striking our client in his head, causing a failure of his hard hat and permanent brain injuries. This case was tried to a jury verdict, awarding the client a six-figure settlement.

A 40-year-old man and employee of a large multinational company working as a metal punch press operator suffered an above-the-elbow amputation of his dominant arm while operating a punch press. The punch press was not equipped at the time of its original sale to the client’s employer, or any time thereafter, with an available, all-purpose point of operation guard of the press that would have prevented the amputation. This defective product case was resolved during trial by the firm with a six-figure settlement.

The firm represented the family of a 22-year-old employee of a multinational company in a wrongful death case. In compliance with his employer’s direction to clean the mold in the press, he incurred fatal crushing injuries because the press lacked, at the original time of its sale, an available and customarily installed safety device that would prevent employees from performing multiple simultaneous procedures in the press and allowing the press to close while other employees were cleaning the press. This case was litigated to a jury verdict, awarding the client a six-figure verdict.

The firm successfully represented the estate of our client, age 51, in a wrongful death case where it was determined that a petroleum tank truck operator caused a fire and explosion to a petroleum tank truck that the client was refilling with gasoline. The explosion was caused by a friction spark on a tank truck that lacked, at the time of its sale by Tank Truck Co., an inexpensive available safety device that would have prevented this type of event. This case settled prior to trial.

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