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The firm represented the family of a 45-year-old who died in a car accident, near St. Catherine, Ontario. A well-known Canadian hockey figure was traveling at high speed, lost control of his car and crossed the center line and collided with our client’s vehicle. This case was successfully resolved during trial with a six-figure settlement.

The firm represented the family of a 57-year-old housewife who died during a routine L3-L4 laminectomy when the surgeon lacerated the abdominal aorta. The surgeon and others thereafter negligently failed to recognize the seriousness of the laceration injury and repair it despite extensive ongoing internal bleeding. The patient bled to death about 40 days later. This wrongful death case was resolved prior to trial with a six-figure settlement.

The firm represented the family of a 41-year-old housewife and employee in a wrongful death case filed after an attending general surgeon’s failure to provide her with correct and timely evaluation and treatment for a small bowel obstruction. The obstruction was observable by available X-rays and caused a preventable bowel rupture and death by sepsis. This medical malpractice case was resolved during trial with a six-figure settlement.

The firm represented the family of a 52-year-old who incurred in-hospital cardiopulmonary arrest and died while in the hospital for evaluation of lower back pain and possible lumbar disk surgery. It was determined that the deceased received excessive morphine through a PCA pump, which was contraindicated by prevailing medical standards for a patient who had a known and well-documented sleep apnea condition, which was noted in the patient’s history in the hospital records prior to the use of the PCA pump. This case was resolved prior to trial with a six-figure settlement.

The firm represented the family of a 22-year-old employee of a multinational company in a wrongful death case. In compliance with his employer’s direction to clean the mold in the press, he incurred fatal crushing injuries because the press lacked, at the original time of its sale, an available and customarily installed safety device that would have prevented employees from performing multiple simultaneous procedures in the press and allowing the press to close while other employees were cleaning it. This case was litigated to a jury verdict awarding the client a six-figure verdict.

A 45-year-old president and CEO of a local company died due to medical malpractice. The general medical practitioner’s negligent failure to timely diagnose the patient’s pneumonia and timely treat it with antibiotics ultimately caused his death. After the court dismissed the action when it was transferred from the federal court system to the local state court and after successful appeals to the Pennsylvania Superior Court and Supreme Court reversing the local court’s dismissal, the firm settled with a high six-figure settlement.

The firm successfully represented the estate of our client, age 51, in a wrongful death case. It was determined that a petroleum tank truck operator caused a fire and explosion to a petroleum tank truck that the client was refilling with gasoline. The fire was caused by a friction spark on the truck, which lacked, at the time of its sale by Tank Truck Co., an inexpensive available safety device that would have prevented this type of event. This case settled prior to trial.

Attorney Tim Riley represented the family of a young woman whose doctors failed to diagnose her breast cancer in a timely manner. The young woman passed away and attorney Riley was able to obtain a financial recovery on behalf of her family.

After a doctor did not offer prostate cancer screening to a man well within the age where screening is part of a physical, a local man was diagnosed very late with prostate cancer and subsequently passed away. Attorney Tim Riley successfully represented his family in a delayed diagnosis of cancer case.

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