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Drug Crimes

At the law firm of Conner Riley Friedman & Weichler, we defend clients against the full range of drug charges, from misdemeanor marijuana possession to federal drug conspiracy offenses. To see how an experienced defense attorney can expand the range of your options for a favorable outcome if you face cocaine, meth or heroin charges, contact us in Erie, Pennsylvania, for a free consultation.

We Will Explore Every Option To Preserve Your Freedom

For people facing state drug crime charges in northwestern Pennsylvania or western New York, we’ll explore the possibility of sidestepping the criminal justice system altogether through such alternatives as accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD in Pennsylvania) or adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (ACOD in New York).

ARD and ACOD amount to substantially the same thing — an arrangement with the prosecution to suspend action on the case against you for a period of time, sometimes with conditions that resemble those of probation. If you satisfy the conditions of ARD or ACOD while staying out of further trouble, the charges against you will be dismissed.

If necessary, we can also prepare your defense on the merits, first by working toward suppression of the evidence against you and then by preparing your defense for trial. It will be your decision whether to accept a plea offer or present your case to a jury. Our lawyers will give you the information and advice you’ll need to make the choice that best protects your interests.

Experienced Defense Counsel In Federal Drug Crime Cases

Our ability to effectively defend clients facing federal drug charges represents a distinguishing characteristic of our firm. We have handled cases involving a broad array of federal crimes, including drug-related continuing criminal enterprise (CCE) charges in the federal Western District of Pennsylvania — an offense that can put you away for life.

We have a national reputation for excellence in both client service and results in serious federal drug crimes cases. As a result, we have represented people in federal drug crime cases in a variety of other federal circuits.

We Serve A Diverse Clientele — College Students To Kingpins

The criminal defense practice at Conner Riley Friedman & Weichler serves the varying needs of people facing different kinds of trouble in the state or federal systems, from college students to alleged drug kingpins. In addition, a percentage of our criminal defense practice is dedicated to medical professionals who have been charged with diversion of medication. Whether your problem involves trafficking in controlled substances, money laundering, conspiracy or illegal possession of prescription painkillers, our experienced criminal defense lawyers protect your interests.

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