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Diversion Of Medication

People with access to prescription medications — doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and hospital employees — sometimes begin to use or abuse these medications. Frequently, the medications are diverted from pharmacies and patients in hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.

Despite all we know about how addictive prescription drugs are, the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and state of New York continue to strenuously prosecute these cases. At Conner Riley Friedman & Weichler in Erie, our attorneys have successfully represented countless health care professionals in both states, defending their rights, records and reputations.

Seeking Treatment Instead Of Punishment

Many medications, such as oxycodone, Dilaudid and Vicodin, are easily addictive, and users can quickly develop a dependence on them. Stopping the use of these medications can be difficult because of the powerful side effects of withdrawal.

Our attorneys recognize that most people who use and abuse prescription medications need immediate drug and alcohol treatment instead of a jail cell. We have placed many of these individuals in programs that have allowed them to earn dismissal of their criminal charges.

Unfortunately, the criminal charges stemming from abuse of prescription medications can have far-reaching consequences to a practitioner’s professional license. Even a guilty plea to a reduced charge could put a license at stake.

Our lawyers do not just think about resolving the criminal charges. We will take a comprehensive view of your case, so that you can also preserve your ability to practice. We have worked with professional licensing boards such as the Medical Board, Osteopathic Board, Pharmacy Board, Nursing Board and Dental Board to obtain resolutions allowing our clients to continue practicing.

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