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What You Should Do When Under Investigation

A common mistake that people make is to wait until they are charged with a crime to take any action. By that point, police and prosecutors have likely already built a deep case against you.

Whether you are about to face state charges in Pennsylvania or federal criminal charges anywhere in the United States, your first call needs to be to Conner Riley Friedman & Weichler in Erie. Our firm features experienced trial attorneys who have secured not guilty verdicts in both state and federal court.

You Cannot Handle An Investigation Alone

Investigations for charges related to crimes like murder, white collar crimes, internet crimes and drug distribution can last months, if not years. By the time law enforcement actually charges you, they are confident they can secure a guilty verdict or scare you into taking an unfavorable plea.

With early intervention, our attorneys have helped countless clients avoid criminal charges altogether or get their charges dismissed or negotiated to lower charges to preserve their freedom.

If you learn you are under investigation or a grand jury is looking into you:

  • Do not make any statements to the police: No matter what you think, you cannot talk your way out of anything. The police are skilled at getting people to think they are on the same side. If the police are investigating you, they are not on your side.
  • Do not talk about the investigation with friends or family: Law enforcement may try to talk to people around you about the investigation. If you tell them anything, someone you thought was a friend may turn their back on you.
  • Do not consent to anything: Do not allow police to search your vehicle or home without a search warrant. If they show up at your door with a warrant, call us immediately.
  • Do not accept a plea: You should never accept a plea without assessing your options with your attorney. Prosecutors will rely on scare tactics, such as: “This is the best offer you will get.” Call us first.

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